[AstroPy] Reminder: Complete your application for Python in Astronomy 2018 this week!

Matthew Craig mcraig at mnstate.edu
Mon Dec 4 14:39:11 EST 2017


This is a friendly reminder that applications for Python in Astronomy 2018 close this week. The application form is open until 23:59UTC on Dec 9, 2017.

Python in Astronomy 2018 will be held 30 Apr - 4 May 2018 at the Center for Computational Astrophysics at the Flatiron Institute in New York, NY. Thanks to generous support from the Flatiron Institute, there is no conference fee, and there will be limited travel support available.

The application form is at: https://goo.gl/forms/AGuoU8mUFv3WJ8Qn2

More information about the conference, and links to past years, is available at: http://openastronomy.org/pyastro/2018/

Finally, a brief excerpt from the description of the conference:

In addition to sharing information about state-of-the art Python Astronomy packages, the workshop will focus on improving interoperability between astronomical Python packages, mentoring open-source contributors, and developing educational materials for Python in Astronomy. The meeting is therefore not only aimed at current developers and users, but also educators or others who are interested in being involved in these efforts.

Participant selection will be made with the goal of enhancing the Python in Astronomy community and we particularly encourage requests to attend from junior astronomers and people who are new to contributing to open source software. Effort will also be made to select participants who have a demonstrated potential to contribute meaningfully to the Python in Astronomy infrastructure via providing educational materials, documentation, and/or coding. This conference is neither intended to be an introduction to Python nor only for expert-level Python developers.

Matt Craig, on behalf of the SOC:
Azalee Bostroem
Daniela Huppenkothen
Drew Leonard
Duncan Macleod
Brigitta Sipocz
Erik Tollerud

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