[AstroPy] Brief re-opening of Python in Astronomy 2018 applications

Matthew Craig mcraig at mnstate.edu
Wed Dec 13 21:20:09 EST 2017


It came to the attention of the Python in Astronomy 2018 SOC that there were several people who received permission from their workplace to apply only after applications closed. In the interests of ensuring the broadest possible applicant pool,  we will be re-opening the application form at 03:00UTC on Dec 14, 2018 and closing them again at roughly 15:00UTC on Dec 16 (i.e. it'll be open Thursday and Friday).

We'll also ask future SOCs to emphasize a message we think is important to the vitality of the astronomical python community:

If you want to attend, but are not sure you will be able to (because of a need for funding, permission to travel, a visa,...) please apply!

If it turns out you cannot attend, you can withdraw your application and your spot will simply go to someone on the waitlist.


Matt Craig, on behalf of the SOC
Azalee Bostroem
Daniela Huppenkothen
Drew Leonard
Duncan Macleod
Brigitta Sipocz
Erik Tollerud
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