[AstroPy] VO cone-searches

Alexandre Beelen alexandre.beelen at ias.u-psud.fr
Thu Feb 16 03:39:06 EST 2017


Following the documentation [1], I was trying to use the 
~astropy.vo.client.vos_catalog.call_vo_service routine to make a 
conesearch on a list of services which are not present in the default 
cone search services list, namely a bunch of CDS/Vizier cone search 

Using  vos_catalog.VOSCatalog I created a custom database with 3 
conesearch services, which I passed to vos_catalog.call_vo_service. 
However, only the first matching service result is returned, instead of 
the naively expected 3 results. It seems that this is a built-in feature 
of call_vo_service [2].

I was wondering if this was a wanted feature or if I could wrap-up a 
small PR to return a list of ~astropy.Table.table.

Similarly ~astroquery returns a custom 
~astroquery.utils.commons.TableList ordered list, but I wonder if the 
equivalent type exist or will exist in astropy.table.

Thanks !


PS : BTW, would it be better to send an email here or to open an issue 
on github for this kind of problem ?

1 - http://docs.astropy.org/en/stable/vo/conesearch/client.html
2 - 
Line 871

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