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Stuart Mumford stuart at cadair.com
Thu Nov 2 06:22:25 EDT 2017

Hello all,

OpenAstronomy is a collection of open source astronomy-related projects
(http://openastronomy.org/members/), initially founded as an umbrella
organisation for Google Summer of Code. Over the last two years more
projects have joined and the Python in Astronomy conference series has
affiliated itself with OpenAstronomy.

Due to the fact that GSOC provides money to OpenAstronomy (both for
mentors working on member projects and directly to OpenAstronomy as an
org) there is general agreement between the GSOC admins that some kind
of decision making group for this money would be beneficial. In addition
to this the idea was floated at pyastro17 that an advisory group for the
different pyastro SOCs (along the lines of a similar group for dotastro)
would be beneficial to the future of pyastro.

To this end I am recruiting people to serve on the OpenAstronomy
committee. The idea of this committee is to be advisory, not to require
its members to actually organise or implement the work of OpenAstronomy,
and to make decisions regarding allocation of (GSOC) money that is sent
to "OpenAstronomy".

If you are interested in serving on this committee, and you are actively
involved in one the member projects or in the Python in Astronomy
conference series, or you wish to nominate someone who is please email
the OpenAstronomy mailing list (openastronomy at googlegroups.com
<mailto:openastronomy at googlegroups.com>) by the 16th November. We are
particularly interested in participation or nominations of people who
may not have served in a leadership role in our community before.

Stuart Mumford

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