[AstroPy] SpectroscoPy package overlaps

Pawel Kozlowski pawel at pmkozlowski.com
Wed Nov 8 16:35:27 EST 2017

Hi all,

We're setting up a spectroscopy package called SpectroscoPy for the
PlasmaPy project and we are looking for overlaps/synergies with
spectroscopic packages under AstroPy.

SpectroscoPy: https://github.com/PlasmaPy/SpectroscoPy

One of the main goals is to create a syntax which uniquely describes
atomic energy levels and configurations that can then be used with
querying tools (e.g. astroquery) to query various line databases (e.g.
NIST, CHIANTI). This generalized querying tool can then be interfaced to
a simulation suite (starting with simple LTE spectra and expanding from
there) with a simple switch for choosing which database to use. This way
one can quickly compare spectra produced from different databases. We
would also like to find/create a method for uniquely identifying
databases and their versions for reproducibility.

A separate arm of the project would focus on tools relevant to design
and analysis of experiments. This would include stuff like commonly used
Bragg crystals and their interlattice spacings, a query tool for
fetching and comparing cold filter transmissions from Henke
(http://henke.lbl.gov/optical_constants/filter2.html), a tool for
applying whitelight and dispersion calibrations to a measured spectrum.

What are the astropy community's thoughts on such a project? Would it be
of value to you? Is there significant overlap with any current projects
on astropy?


Pawel Kozlowski (lemmatum)


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