[AstroPy] glue v0.12 released!

Thomas Robitaille thomas.robitaille at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 06:43:03 EST 2017

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce the release of *glue v0.12*! For anyone not
familiar with this package, glue is a Python library and application for
multidimensional linked data exploration, which you can read up more about
at http://glueviz.org

*Changes in this release*

An overview of the main changes in this release is available here:


The most significant changes are as follows:

   - An improved scatter viewer, which now includes support for showing
   arrows/vectors, and makes it easier to combine different kinds of
   visualization (e.g. lines, points, errorbars, and so on)
   - We now provide a clearer explanation when a layer in a visualization
   cannot be enabled, for example because it is a subset based on components
   that are not present in the selected dataset.
   - It is now possible to define arbitrary actions that are available when
   control-clicking on datasets, subsets, or subset groups in the data
   collection (in the top left)
   - The performance of the 3D volume rendering viewer has been
   significantly improved
   - We now have experimental support for creating fixed layouts/dashboards

You can read about these changes in more detail at the link above. In
addition, this release includes many bug fixes and improvements in
usability, as well as improvements to the code under-the-hood to make the
code more accessible and easier to modify in future.

In parallel with this release of glue we have also released an experimental
version of a SAMP plugin that may be of interest to astronomers - this
allows glue to exchange datasets and subsets with other SAMP-enabled
applications such as TOPCAT, DS9, Aladin, and more. See the above link for
more details.

*Installing/updating g**lue*

As usual, we recommend installing glue using the Anaconda Python
Distribution <http://continuum.io/downloads>. To get the latest version of
glue (v0.12), you will need to make sure you use the glueviz conda channel.
If you are using the conda command, this means that you need to do:

  conda install -c glueviz glueviz

*Note that this has changed from previous versions, for which glue was
installed from the conda-forge channel.*

If you use the Anaconda launcher or navigator to install glue graphically,
take a look at the instructions on our website
find out how to get the latest version. We also provide instructions
<http://www.glueviz.org/en/stable/installation/installation.html> for other
installation methods, including pip.

Please let us know if you run into any issues installing or using glue -
you can either let us know by email, by opening GitHub issues, or you can
join the glue slack channel <http://glueviz.org/en/stable/help.html> and
chat with us there.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

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