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2015011024 at cuit.edu.cn 2015011024 at cuit.edu.cn
Fri Apr 20 23:59:16 EDT 2018

Dear  Astropy manager,
Thank you for taking the pressure time to read my Email.
My name is Tan Zhetao, an Chinese college student in software engineering major, as well as an amateur astronomer. After reading and using your Python package on astronomy, I came up with the idea of declaring and promoting the application of Python in the development of Astronomy. Because of this purpose, I wanted to translate the Astropy package into Chinese with my friends, purely. Although Python is an open source project, we still hope to get your support and translation authority. We will indicate the source address and source name in the translation and we will not be used for commercial profit.
We sincerely hope to obtain your support and authorization.
Looking forward to your reply.
Zhetao Tan

2015011024 at cuit.edu.cn
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