[AstroPy] SunPy 0.9 Released!

Stuart Mumford stuart at cadair.com
Tue Apr 24 07:33:04 EDT 2018

Hello all,

The SunPy project is very happy to announce the release of SunPy 0.9, 
the latest release of the SunPy core package.

SunPy 0.9 brings improved support for downloading data from the JSOC 
<http://jsoc.stanford.edu/> and bugfixes compared to the 0.8.x series of 
releases. The 0.9.x series will be the last series of SunPy releases to 
support Python 2. This is because Python 2 will not be maintained after 
2019 <https://python3statement.org/>. The 0.9.x series will receive 
bugfixs only up until the and of life of Python 2 (around 18 months), 
and will also be the last version to include sunpy.spectra, 
sunpy.lightcurve and sunpy.wcs, all of which were deprecated in 0.8.

SunPy v0.9.0 contains 807 commits in 147 merged pull requests closing 
310 issues from 31 people, 19 of which are first time contributors to 
SunPy. For more details on What's new in 0.9 
<http://docs.sunpy.org/en/stable/whatsnew/0.9.html> see our website 

SunPy 0.9 can be installed from pip or conda using the following commands:

using conda:

$ conda config channels --append conda-forge
$ conda install sunpy

or using pip:

$ pip install sunpy

and updated using conda:

$ conda update sunpy

or pip:

$ pip install -U sunpy

The people who have contributed to the code for this release are:

  * Nabil Freij
  * Stuart Mumford
  * Nitin Choudhary
  * David Stansby *
  * Prateek Chanda
  * Jack Ireland
  * Daniel Ryan
  * Himanshu *
  * Yash Jain *
  * James Paul Mason *
  * Michael Charlton
  * Vishnunarayan K I. *
  * Swapnil Sharma *
  * Albert Y. Shih
  * David Pérez-Suárez
  * Shresth Verma *
  * Sanjeev Dubey *
  * Brigitta Sipocz
  * Andrew Leonard
  * Nick Murphy *
  * Shane Maloney
  * Carlos Molina *
  * Yash Kothari *
  * Dang Trung Kien *
  * Gulshan Mittal *
  * Rajasekhar Reddy Mekala *
  * S Shashank *
  * Tannmay Yadav *
  * Will Barnes *
  * Yudhik Agrawal *
  * codetriage-readme-bot *

Where a * indicates their first contribution to SunPy.

In addition to the contributions to the core SunPy library, we would 
like to thank Kolja Glogowski for his help with the JSOC project, and 
welcome his package 'drms' as a SunPy affiliated package, which is now 
powering our JSOC client. Finally, we would like to thank David 
Pérez-Suárez and Brigitta Sipocz, who are leading the GSOC process for 
OpenAstronomy, which is of massive benefit to the SunPy community.

Stuart Mumford, on belhaf of the SunPy project.
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