[AstroPy] ANN: astropy bugfix releases v3.0.2 and v2.0.6 (LTS)

Brigitta Sipocz bsipocz at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 10:18:47 EDT 2018

Dear All,

Bugfix releases have been made for both the stable (v3.0.2) and LTS
(v2.0.6) edition of astropy.
They are available either on PyPI or on the usual conda channels.

These releases contain another fix for a security vulnerability in the
cfitsio library that was identified and fixed very recently.

The full list of fixes can be found in the changelog:

https://github.com/astropy/astropy/blob/v3.0.2/CHANGES.rst and

Thank you for everyone who contributed for these releases!

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