[AstroPy] CubeViz 0.2.0 Release

Susan Kassin kassin at stsci.edu
Mon May 7 16:00:09 EDT 2018

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce the release of CubeViz, a visualization and
analysis tool for data cubes from integral field units (IFUs):

This is an early release (0.2.0), and we would appreciate your feedback.  
CubeViz is built on top of the “glue” visualization tool (http://glueviz.org).

If you run into any issues or have suggestions for new features, we encourage you 
to create issues on GitHub at https://github.com/spacetelescope/cubeviz and/or send 
comments via email to kassin at stsci.edu

Susan Kassin on behalf of the CubeViz team at the Space Telescope Science Institute:
Jesse Averbukh
Daniel D’Avella
Nicholas Earl
Henry Ferguson
Robel Geda
Craig Jones
Susan Kassin
Thomas Robitaille
(+ others at STScI and in the community who 
helped with testing and guiding the development)

Dr. Susan Kassin
Assistant Astronomer
Space Telescope Science Institute
phone: +1 410-338-4909

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