[AstroPy] Problem querying NED with astropy

Gordon Dennis gordon.b.dennis at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 11:11:03 EDT 2019

Good morning

I want to use astropy on Windows 10 to query the NASA extragalactic database
(NED), but I'm having a very frustrating time getting even the simplest
things to work..

1.       Installed Python36.

2.       Tried pip install astropy.  
Result - fatal error.

3.       Tried 2 more times
Same result.

4.       I read that if you install Python36 using the Anaconda
distribution, astropy is included, so:

5.       I de-installed Python36 and .

6.       . installed Anaconda 

7.       Ran the Spyder IDE (Spyder is loaded automatically with Anaconda),
and tried this very simple code (it's actually an example I copied from the
www.astropy.org , apart from the argument 'NGC 1300' which is one of the
galaxies I'm studying):

from astroquery.ned import Ned

result_table = Ned.query_object("NGC 1300")

print(result_table) # an astropy.table.Table

Now you get the error message 'unable to import Ned'.  So, I guess it's
seeing astropy but failing to recognize Ned.  Obviously line 2 & 3 don't get
executed.  If I run the line 
from astroquery.ned import Ned in a windows command box and execute with
Python36 I get the same result.

8.       I assume (since the example above was copied from the astropy web
site that 'Ned' with the uppercase 'N' is correct.  I'm now 7 hours down and
beginning to loose hope.  What am I doing wrong/have missed or whatever?

Would greatly appreciate any steers you can give me.

Gordon Dennis

p.s. yes I do have admin privileges; and my Windows 10 is fully updated.



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