[AstroPy] astropy v4.0rc2 release candidate

Brigitta Sipocz bsipocz at gmail.com
Sat Dec 7 15:46:22 EST 2019

Dear all,

The second release candidate for the new major astropy version has been
just released and available for testing.


We would appreciate if you could try out this RC and report back any
success or failure via the following wiki page. If you maintain any
downstream packages please check whether they are compatible or there are
any blocking issues:


Please also open issues for each different type of failure (please check
the issue tracker first to make sure no one has reported it earlier).

You should be able to install the RC by doing:

pip install astropy --pre


pip install astropy==4.0rc2

If no blocker issues come up, I plan to finalize the release next week
during the coordination meeting.

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