[AstroPy] using wcs_reproject to coadd images

Antonino Cucchiara antonino.cucchiara at uvi.edu
Tue Jul 23 10:45:04 EDT 2019

Hello all,
I am trying to coadd some images where the WCS was produced by astrometry.net<http://astrometry.net>.
I am using ccdproc and wcs_reproject as shown here (https://ccdproc.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ccdproc/image_combination.html)

I see in the headers that WCS keywords are there, but when I parse the images I get the following error:

'HDUList' object has no attribute 'wcs'

as input and target I am passing a fits.open(‘my image.fits’) object.

Thanks a lot,

Antonino Cucchiara, PhD
Assistant Professor
Physics and Astronomy
University of the Virgin Islands

Phone: 340-693-1256
College of Science and Mathematics
#2 Brewers Bay road
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