[AstroPy] fft_psd_tools and radialAverageBins() in astropy 3.1

Eyal Saiet ejsaiet at alaska.edu
Sat Mar 16 20:57:23 EDT 2019

As can be seen below, astropy 2.7 has the class fft_psd_tools and the
radialAverageBins() function. Looking at astropy 3.1, I cannot find the
class and respected function, fft_psd_tools and adialAverageBins(). Was it
deprecated in astropy 3.0?

[image: image.png]

* The radially averaged power spectrum(RAPS) is s the direction-independent
mean spectrum, i.e. the average of all possible directional power spectra.
The radially averaged power spectrum provides a convenient means to view
and compare information contained in 2-D spectra in 1-D. This function
computes and plots the RAPS of an input matrix (does not consider corner
values outside averaging radius). The image can be rectangular but must be
2-D (e.g., multi-color channel data is not supported). The spatial
resolution of the data is also specified


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