[AstroPy] pyspeckit query

Peter Teuben teuben at astro.umd.edu
Wed Jan 8 19:18:49 EST 2020

An example of a legal entry, and your entry would benefit the 
discussion. I can also imagine lots of other failure modes, for example 
line file (if that is what you use) in the wrong place. Is there an 
error message from pyspeckit?   grepping this through the code is 
another good strategy to find the culprit.

another Peter.

On 1/8/20 6:53 PM, Peter Dzwig wrote:
> Does anyone know where I can get hold of the detailed formatting
> requirements of pyspeckit's (spec).measurements.lines? It seems to be
> rejecting some of *my* (I thought) fairly standard line-formatting for
> some reason.
> Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help,
> Peter Dzwig

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