[AstroPy] Question regarding the BoxLeastSquares Autopower function

Sebastian Bugge Loeschcke 201804446 at post.au.dk
Wed Jan 15 08:20:58 EST 2020


I have a question regarding the autopower function of the _class

The example from the documentation:  

>>> model = BoxLeastSquares(t, y)
>>> results = model.autopower(0.16)
>>> results.period[np.argmax(results.power)]
>>> 1.9923406038842544

I know that the autopower function generates a heuristically determined
period grid. However, I do not understand how the duration parameter for
the autopower function is determined. _In this example, the duration is
0.16. _
Is it determined by analysing the light curve data and finding the
duration of an event? Or do you choose a lower value to generate a
larger period grid to test?

I hope someone can help.

Kind regards

Sebastian Loeschcke 
Aarhus University, Denmark. 
Department of Computer Science

_Link to the documentation:_
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