[AstroPy] Interest in work on Kepler/K2 data, lightkurve, and astropy timeseries?

Kelle Cruz kellecruz at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 13:26:13 EDT 2020

NumFocus, via a contract with STScI and in collaboration with the Astropy
Project, is seeking multiple full and part-time contractors.


Kepler and K2 Training Materials Developer

We are seeking a contractor or contractors to develop training materials
for the resources available in the Python programming language for the
analysis of Kepler and K2 data. These training materials should include
introductory material, noise removal, and applying machine learning and
cloud computing to the Kepler and K2 data (

Ideal candidates would have experience with Kepler and K2 data and the
Lightkurve package. Experience with machine learning cloud computing is
also a plus. Past experience with developing training materials is not
required but an ideal candidate would have a demonstrated interest in
computational training.


Lightkurve and Astropy Timeseries Software Developer

We are seeking a contractor or contractors to improve the compatibility
between the Lightkurve package and the astropy timeseries subpackage.
Specifically, remove duplicate/deprecated code from LightKurve as a result
of leveraging the TimeSeries object, and to extend/enhance timeseries to
better support Kepler data.

Ideal candidates would have experience with Kepler and K2 data, the
Lightkurve package, the astropy timeseries subpackage, and software
development via GitHub.


These services are expected to be completed remotely and contractors will
be expected to participate in regular telecons. Contractors will be
expected to abide by the NumFocus and Astropy Codes of Conduct.

Compensation will be hourly at a rate of $75–130/hour, depending on
experience. The work needs to be completed by Sept 30, 2020 so we are
particularly interested in candidates who are available to start work
immediately. All applications received by April 7 will receive full

To apply, please send an email to kellecruz at gmail.com with a resume
attached and a description of your interest in the role in the body of the
email. Also include specific examples of relevant experience and its
outcomes (e.g. include screenshots, links to pull requests). Please also
describe your availability between now and Sept 30, 2020.


Kelle Cruz, PhD
917.837.9748 — Hunter: x16486 — AMNH: x7930
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On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 3:31 PM Kelle Cruz <kellecruz at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Astro Data/Stats folks,
> I am helping out some folks who have a pot of money available for work on
> developing software and/or tutorials related to Kepler, lightKurve, and
> potentially the new astropy time series module.
> We're looking  for folks
> - interested in working on making Kepler data more accessible to machine
> learning techniques via writing new software and/or tutorials.
> - who could potentially take the lead on a Kaggle challenge related to ML
> and Kepler.
> Please let me know if you're interested in this or have any nominations.
> Thanks,
> Kelle
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> Kelle Cruz, PhD
> 917.725.1334 — Hunter: x16486 — AMNH: x7930
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