[AstroPy] RA/Dec to Alt/Az

Peter pslowater at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 06:14:13 EDT 2020

I am using Stellarium to point a custom mount at the selected object which
at this time I am just testing rotation and using the sun & shadow.
Using the code below from samples it receives the dec/asc and calculates
the alt/az.
The problem I have is that when the sun is northish the az is close to what
Stellarium shows but when east or west then the az is about 8 Deg or more
off in the calculation compared to Stellarium and the Shadow also is not
I assume it's the way I am doing the calc, does what I have look correct?
The RA/DEC from Stellarium is J2000 from what I can work out.


           dec_in = float(vals[2])
           asc_in= float(vals[1])
           M42 = SkyCoord(ra=float(vals[1])*u.degree,
dec=float(vals[2])*u.degree, frame='icrs')
           home = EarthLocation(lat=-38.06395*u.deg, lon=145.28455*u.deg,
           utcoffset = +11*u.hour  # Eastern Daylight Time
           time = Time(datetime.datetime.now())
           print("Time           :",time)
           time = Time(datetime.datetime.now())- utcoffset
           print("Time UTC       :",time)
           m33altaz = M42.transform_to(AltAz(obstime=time,location=home))
           print(dec_in," : ",asc_in)
           print("Postion to
move:",numpy.around((m33altaz.alt*u.deg).value,3),"  : ",numpy.around((
           rotation = numpy.around((m33altaz.az*u.deg).value,3)
           angle = numpy.around((m33altaz.alt*u.deg).value,3)
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