[AstroPy] YASQ - Yet Another SkyCoord Question

Peter Dzwig pdzwig at summaventures.com
Thu Feb 4 15:04:35 EST 2021


I have been attempting to get RA, Dec from SkyCoord via
SkyCoord.from_name. It claims to be "unable to resolve" quite a few names.

As a concrete example, LEDA 30866:


oit goes to CDS at strasbourg and gives me back the message: "Unable to
resolve", yet if I go directly to HyperLEDA

(a) it is a recognised object (PGC030866);
(b) it cross-identifies it and gives *three* SDSS names (plus others).

If instead I put in one of the various SDSS names (I have tried all
three) I get the same message.

The obvious question: why can't it resolve the name? is it because it
hasn't a way to choose between the choice names?

Can someone clarify - and possibly offer a way to resolve this issue?

So far I have encountered this issue in about 20% of my searches.

Many thanks,


Dr. Peter Dzwig

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