[AstroPy] reprojecting images without trimming/cropping

Finn, Rose rfinn at siena.edu
Sun Jan 31 21:03:40 EST 2021

Hi all,

I am looking for some help with combining dithered images.  I have tried
two different approaches.

(1) I can use reproject.mosaicking.reproject_and_coadd, and this preserves
the full footprint of the images (not just the area that all images
cover).  The down side of reproject_and_coadd is that I can't figure out
how to pass parameters to the combine function, for example to do sigma

(2) Alternatively, I can reproject each image using
reproject.reproject_interp (or exact), and then combine the images with
ccdproc.Combiner.  This gives me lots of options for controlling how the
images are combined, but the resulting combined image is trimmed to include
only the region covered by all the input images.

Ideally, I would like to use method (2) with the trimming shut off.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


PS - I found some discussion of this here but can't find anything more
recent https://github.com/astropy/ccdproc/issues/499

Rose A. Finn, PhD
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Siena College
Loudonville, NY  12211
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