[Async-sig] Some thoughts on asynchronous API design in a post-async/await world

Cory Benfield cory at lukasa.co.uk
Sun Nov 6 05:55:25 EST 2016

> On 6 Nov 2016, at 00:09, Nathaniel Smith <njs at pobox.com> wrote:
> I just posted a long blog/essay that's probably of interest to folks here:
>  https://vorpus.org/blog/some-thoughts-on-asynchronous-api-design-in-a-post-asyncawait-world/
> The short version: I think curio something important to teach us; I
> tried to figure out what that is and how we can learn from it.

This is a great post Nathaniel, and I think there’s a lot of value to extract from this for everyone.

In the short term, I’m going to address Twisted’s issue because it seems like the most glaring “this is a stupid bug” problem, and a quick glance at the relevant interfaces suggests it’s easily resolved. It also undermines my own personal mission to make Twisted a great HTTP/2 server. ;)


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