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One thought is to provide some pointers on "What next?" after learning a bit
of python.

1. Improve skills in participating in an open source project (we can start a
few on http://code.google.com/hosting/ or other similar places)
2. Learn more (need to point to a few places)
3. Identify an initial set of specializations - Python for System
Administration, Python for Tools and Utilities, Python Web Applications,
Python for Games etc. come to mind.



On Nov 19, 2007 7:15 AM, Kiran Jonnalagadda <jace at pobox.com> wrote:

> On 19-Nov-07, at 6:45 PM, gnuyoga wrote:
> > i strongly feel we should have small get together quiet often ...
> > ....... @ BBC5 it was quiet a disaster .... very few from bang pyper
> > attended ... but at the same time lots of guys had query about python
> > .... they were eagerly waiting for some magic ;-)
> That's true. It seems like with its growing public awareness, Barcamp
> is attracting a lot of newbies which tends to turn any discussion
> into a basic skill sharing event. These people do seem to enjoy it
> and learn a lot, but anyone seeking a more advanced discussion tends
> to come away disappointed.
> There has to be a way for these discussions to be organised around
> specific rather than general interests (wherein "Python" may be
> classified as a general interest whereas "the state of SoA
> implementations under Python" be considered suitably specific).
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