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Mon Nov 19 19:32:59 CET 2007

We were meeting regularly for about a year or two. But somehow the initial
group which was active  has become busy for personal reasons.

I think anyone can henceforth( actually there was no rule) call a meeting at
their convenience and people who are free can meet up and discuss. We are in
an open source volunteer group and cannot expect everyone or for that matter
anyone to join for a meeting. Moreover traveling through Bangalore traffic
is always a pain.

I have always offered my studio in Hayes Road off Richmond Road for a Python
meetup. We have had a few meetings there too. This is centrally located and
on Saturdays parking is also available in around Hayes Road. About 8-12
people can be accommodated. If our office boy is around you might be lucky
to get some coffee.

If anyone wants to use, you are welcome on any saturday afternoon. Just call
someone at my office on 41236661, and announce that you are landing for a
meeting with 24 hr notice. Remember to mention it is a Bangpypers meet! They
will clear up a room for you!

The address is

Brand7 Studios,
1st floor,
7/11, Crystal Apartments,
Hayes Road,
Off Richmond Road

I am sure many others will be glad to offer their office spaces which are
far bigger/better than my own humble offices.

I also suggest that we have sub-topics or user meetings within the group.
Like if someone wants to hold a Django meetup or a IronPython meetup they
can go ahead and call for it. This may even make a lot more sense for a
developer who is focused on that specific topic to make it to the meeting.



On Nov 19, 2007 9:56 PM, gnuyoga <gnuyoga at gmail.com> wrote:

> Kiran Jonnalagadda wrote:
> > On 19-Nov-07, at 6:45 PM, gnuyoga wrote:
> >
> >
> >> i strongly feel we should have small get together quiet often ...
> >> ....... @ BBC5 it was quiet a disaster .... very few from bang pyper
> >> attended ... but at the same time lots of guys had query about python
> >> .... they were eagerly waiting for some magic ;-)
> >>
> >
> > That's true. It seems like with its growing public awareness, Barcamp
> > is attracting a lot of newbies which tends to turn any discussion
> > into a basic skill sharing event. These people do seem to enjoy it
> > and learn a lot, but anyone seeking a more advanced discussion tends
> > to come away disappointed.
> >
> > There has to be a way for these discussions to be organised around
> > specific rather than general interests (wherein "Python" may be
> > classified as a general interest whereas "the state of SoA
> > implementations under Python" be considered suitably specific).
> >
> >
> Lets c it this way .... any major events like BarCamp or FOSS.in there
> should be 2 groups ....
> 1) python evangelists - help newbies solve the mental hurdle of start
> using python.
> 2) python tech - which talks about specific feature / tools / ideas /
> frameworks
> more thoughts welcome !
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