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If you are already familiar with some other programming language and need to quickly check up on Python syntax so you can get to your real problem solving, I would strongly suggest "A Byte of Python" by Swaroop CH. This is an extremely well written guide with just enough info to get you started with Python without overwhelming you with un-necessary info.

Once you are done with that, I would suggest going through Python creator Guido von Rossum's "Python Tutorial".

If you like dead-trees material (a.k.a. books) I guess "Beginning Python" is a good place to start.

I agree with Sriram V Iyer that "Dive into Python" is not a good place to start "learning" Python. But, its a good resource for learning about how to tinker around with various things (for instance XML) using Python. But, if that is what you want (i.e. you want to do real problem solving "using" python), your better option might be to pick up "the Python Cookbook" and search for required recipes in that book. In any case, I feel that before you use these cookbooks (or search online for other recipes), your better option would be to get a handle on basic Python syntax from the other three books mentioned earlier.

Mahesh R. Shirgaonkar

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I am sorry to disagree - Dive into Python is NOT a
good book to start python (may be for some Uber
programmers). It is an excellent book on python - no
questions! But, I am worried if someone starts python
with that book, he may end up not doing python at all.

As Bharat pointed out, Guido's intro is an excellent
way to start python. I also feel how to think like a
computer scientist a good way to start python too. 


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> Krishna wrote:
> > Hi.
> >  
> > Any suggestions on what is a good book to start
> with on Python.
> >  
> > Thanks.
> > Krishnakanth./
> >
> If you are familiar with programming in general,
> then my favourite pick 
> is Dive Into Python. You can read it online and it
> is also available as 
> a book.
> http://www.diveintopython.org/
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