[BangPypers] Python Training in Bangalore

S.Ramaswamy srsy70 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 10:22:59 CEST 2007

> I am into perf testing, so it would be usefull if i can write small scripts
> that can get me the perf data from remote machines..
> I have been thru the dive into python, and the guido's python tutorial and
> also thru the swaroop's book, but then I have just been able to write small
> scripts. and dont understand where the error comes up when I do a mistake,
> so i was looking for a book which would help me when I would start from
> scratch.. I am not from dev background..but then i do have good programming
> experience in java anc C..

I have this book - http://safari.peachpit.com/0201748843 . It's kind
of lightweight and not detailed like 'Dive into Python'.  But it's an
excellent book for getting started.

If you are anywhere close to Koramangala, you can borrow it from me
for extended periods.
Mail me privately (not this list) if you're interested.


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