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On 10/23/07, Goutham D L <dl.goutham at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Are there any Python certification programmes in bangalore?

My Two Cents,

A lot of us in this list grew up learning python from either books or
online tutorials in the beginning, then started writing small codes
either on fun|learning basis or we used it to do small programming
tasks. Then we would have moved to the stage where we were able to
look into existing code, understand it, modify it according to our
needs or take some modules from it and use it along with our code.
This is fine if you have been used to similar model of learning which
happens in FOSS world.

But for others, especially college students, they are used to
undergoing a formal "coaching class" kind-of learning process, at the
end of which there is an exam and a certificate is given. This works
in many cases like there are courses on C/C++, Java etc. But there is
no such course prevalent for Python because there institutions
themselves are not aware of such a Programming Language or there
aren't many people approaching them, enquiring about such courses.
Also, these people look at things from "Employment Column" in
magazines and build their ideas about industry requirement.

I don't think a newbie coming and enquiring about a course or
certification in Python is something wrong or weird but it is what
they are used to. It is our responsibility to tell them what the
effective method to learn Python is and how skills and experience can
indeed be made to score more than certifications during an interview.
They don't face many interviewers like Anand, who really know the
thing they are questioning about. In interviews, if we need to know
how to present ourselves, how to make the interviewer understand that
we know things, we can make a score over just mere certifications.

As Anand said, if we can group in we can conduct some course on Python
which may not be a formal course but gives a newbie an idea of what to
learn, how to learn and how to make use of whatever he learns. :)

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