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On 24/10/2007, Dorai Thodla <dorai at thodla.com> wrote:

Some of my views on certification. necessary or not. I am a student.
I feel certification checking is sort of a fishing net with fixed
sized holes to filter in a segment of python programmers (and
claimers) for IT company managers. Now the way I see it as is that
certification helps not just managers who do word matching on resume
but it helps when there is a sea of pythonistas and the manager has
the Python programmer catching fishing net: the certification
criteria...'do you fit the bill?'
Is there really a sea of Python programmers who would get through a
certification program or a sea of wealth of knowledge about the
language. Even if the language changes features a lot, the very basic
ideas, regardless of changes in implementation are valid. I felt so
because I could try out some examples from lecture slides of a
university prof. published in year 2000 on my 2.4/2.5 installation.
Well certification exam can always be drafted to be demanding of the
candidate, expecting them to be updated as much as possible.

Some of the members have suggested about reaching out to first timers
and telling how Python should actually be learnt, but here the
certification is probably also less of "how to be sure I know Python?"
and more of "how do i market my Python knowledge and skills?"
The latter question worries the candidate more, especially if he reads
posts with examples of how Plone platform developer gets plucked out
for not comprehending list comprehensions and other general Python

If there does arise the initiative to do a certification course, I
hope there are enough python programmers to filter a lot of certified
programmers from and that the companies which demand certification or
would like to see 'certified' pythonistas, put in their inputs as

Point to ponder: learning python like another VB or Java. sure has its

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