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What I was really looking for is something called HicketyHack. I finally
located it in my own blog :)


The concept of little programs is a great one. Let us say that you already
program in some language like C, Java, C#. You want to do a quick eval of
what Python does in less than an hour. These little programs can really

When I was first learning Python, the list comprehension looked a bit odd.
Look at its immense power.

I think when we think of training, we need to think at different audience:

1. Beginners (to programming) who may be enticed into Python since it is so
easy to learn
2. Programmers (exposed to some other C-style language)
3. People familiar with Python  but looking for common idioms and design
4. Kids (Programming as a tool for Computational Thinking)
5. People who are not basically programmers but Scientists and others who
need to learn programming to do something useful in their domain.

This is the topic of discussion in Python Advocacy mailing list and to some
extent in a more generic way, in Teaching and Learning. I come to Python
from a series of other languages - PDP-11 assembly, Basic Plus, Cobol, C,
VB, Java. Life would have been very different if I had the opportunity to
start with Python.

Sorry for rambling on. So what has all this got to do with certification? I
think the need for certification is different for each category of user.

On 10/25/07, Siddharta <siddharta.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> Wow, thats awesome. Very cool.
> Dorai Thodla wrote:
> > Sreekanth,
> > I have tried Moodle. It is a bit clunky. But we can probably use it as
> > a starting point.
> >
> > Take a look at this http://tryruby.hobix.com/
> >
> > It has got to be something really simple (for the learner) to start
> > with. No downloading or installing.
> >
> > Then we can progressively move up to more complex environments and end
> > up in something like Moodle. The problem I find with Moodle is that It
> > is not very easy for the learner to navigate even though there is a
> > lot of power.
> >
> > Dorai
> > www.thodla.com <http://www.thodla.com>
> >
> > On 10/25/07, *Sreekanth S Rameshaiah* <sree at mahiti.org
> > <mailto:sree at mahiti.org>> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >     On 10/25/07, * Vishal* <vsapre80 at yahoo.com
> >     <mailto:vsapre80 at yahoo.com>> wrote:
> >
> >         Wow..thats a real good idea.
> >
> >         I am interested in working such a python resource...'cause I
> >         feel I am in that boat of people..who dont know what they dont
> >         know. I guess creating such a resource would help one learn
> >         Python automatically.
> >
> >         Website created in Python, for learning Python...
> >
> >         Any pointers...where to start from?
> >
> >
> >     I think as a community we should buile a LMS module for moodle to
> >     enable new-bees to learn python and evaluate them self.
> >     What do you all say?
> >
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