[BangPypers] Python 3.0

Abhinav Sarkar abhinav.sarkar at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 21:21:02 CEST 2008

Anand Balachandran Pillai wrote:
> Guys,
>   Python 3.0 is coming (2 betas done already) and though
> the language is getting a lot of changes, some of them
> breaking backward compatibility, it is a significant update
> in terms of language changes, new modules, performance
> and overall "look n feel" of the language.
> I have been a lurker in the Python 3.0 mailing list and has
> been a bit of a beta tester. I have been following the developments
> and tries to keep myself updated of the significant changes in
> the new version.
> The purpose of this mail is to probe the pulse of the list in
> terms of conducting meetings where we can discuss Python 3.0
> about the time it is released (which is a couple of months down
> the line). Though I don't expect most programmers to jump into
> Python 3.0, as it breaks lot of compatibility with 2.x, I think
> everyone will be coding on Python 3.0 in 2-3 years.
> If this sounds like a good idea, we can go around planning the
> discussions.
> Thanks
I have been working with python 2.5 and been reading (and watching) a 
lot about python 3.0. if it had been backward compatible then i would 
have shifted it to when they shipped beta. i hope py3k is adopted at a 
fast rate and i shift to it soon. and any news about the discussion 


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