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On Sat, Aug 2, 2008 at 12:51 AM, Abhinav Sarkar
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> Hi,
> I have been working with python 2.5 and been reading (and watching) a lot
> about python 3.0. if it had been backward compatible then i would have
> shifted it to when they shipped beta. i hope py3k is adopted at a fast rate
> and i shift to it soon. and any news about the discussion schedule?

It is a new major version, so is expected to break backward compatibility
with previous versions.

Apart from lots of changes in the way Pythonistas get things done,
Python 3.0 brings a lot of useful features, so it should get adopted
pretty quickly. However I expect large scale adoption only after
Python 3.1 is released.

The discussions could be on the following things.

 1. Things that work in 2.x but are not going to work in 3.x (backward
 2. Other gotchas including the subtle and the obvious
 3. New language features in 3.0
 4. Changes/updates in key standard library modules.


> cheers
> Abhinav
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