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> we r doing aproject using blue tooth technology.based on that v need a help.
> *Explain BLUETOOTH AS SENSORS-application.
> *When a blind tries to cross a road behind a car.when the car runs on a dark
> road without light.car person mobile will say that there is a persion
> upfront who is blind or deaf.
>     How to do this project.......send me ideas.....
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driving on dark road without lights...is that allowed? shouldn't govt.
solve the problem of ill-luminated streets and roads...or is this on
the sets of Aahat.

What if driver is drunk? if car is allowed to go without lights, even
drunk drivers might pass thru. What if mobile phone battery is
dead...and dooor dooor tak sirf sannataa?

It'd make sense to add the sensing system in the car's embedded
system, but then how do you detect the person crossing in front? body
heat sensing?

I mean people do ask this for home-work or is this your creative idea?

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need to revise it. lost the decoding page.

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