[BangPypers] regarding static media server with Django(python web framework) and Apache.

Bharath Keshav bharath.keshav at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 15:24:38 CET 2008

This is regarding production server with django web framework. Hence, not a
pure pythonic question.

I am using Django as web framework, and then, Apache and Lighttpd as web
server and static media server respectively. Lighty serves all my static
content well and good, but I need to configure it to serve the new files
uploaded by the user. Lighttpd is running on a different machine from the
Apache(Django) one. My django code of creating a directory and then creating
an image file gets executed on my Apache machine, making it currently
getting saved in the same machine itself. I want this directory and file
creation happen on my static media server, which should then be served by
the media server itself. I am using os.mkdir and urllib.urlretrieve python
functions respectively to create directory and save files on the
Django(Apache) machine. Is there anyway that I can do some configuration
tweaking to get these things work or I need to write scripts on the media
server and call them from Django machine??

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