[BangPypers] Python app in a browser sandbox?

logan logan04x at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 20:45:28 CET 2008

Hi All,

Thanks a lot to all of you for your replies.

Jeff, you are right on spot with your observations. All day I have been 
researching and came to the same conclusions as you (you put them in a 
better way actually).

The idea right now in my mind is that my approach is not going to work in 
the way I'm thinking. There are too many restrictions and it just won't 
work. What I can perhaps do is to use Flash for streaming audio from the 
client machine to the server (where my Python phone will be residing now) 
and pass the audio from there to the softphone to be transmitted further. 
Same way, I can pass audio from the softphone to the client using Flash. 
This will increase the latency a bit, and quality might suffer a bit, but 
for now this looks the only feasible way out. It looks I have got some work 
on my hands.

Thanks a ton guys and please keep the suggestions pouring in.

Best Regards,

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> logan wrote:
>> I'm new to this list and a Python fresher. I wanted to know how can I
>> run my Python application (actually it's just a Python wrapper over a
>> C++ lib) inside a web browser? My intent is that the user opens the
>> website and then the Python application is loaded in the user's memory
>> and there after the user is able to use the application. For example,
>> say the application is notepad, the user launches the site and the
>> Python notepad is loaded as some kind of ActiveX control and the user
>> can use it. I may add that the application just needs the microphone and
>> speakers of the user and doesn't need access to any other resource.
> Oh, one other approach you could take is to require each user to have 
> already
> downloaded and installed your application (again a version for each OS), 
> and
> then associate a MIME type within the browser such that when they visit 
> some
> resource on your website, the browser initiates the execution of an 
> external
> application which would be your program.  It wouldn't run "within" the 
> browser
> per se, and it won't be sandboxed so the user has to trust you, and there 
> is a
> risk that a cracker might trigger your app from some other website, for a
> nefarious purpose like listening to the microphone, but it would work.
> -Jeff
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