[BangPypers] HarvestMan with eventlets

S.Ramaswamy srsy70 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 15:38:31 CET 2008

> >
> > I have been evaluating twisted for sometime for doing this, but I have not
> > been able to wrap my brain around twisted. Also the fact that twisted
> > requires an explicit event loop call is not very good and makes it difficult
> > to write an application which has its own separate event loop.
> >
> How about using the built-in asyncore module. I guess you would have
> to re-invent some of the stuff that the twisted guys have already
> done.
> asynchttp ( http://asynchttp.sourceforge.net/ ) is an async python
> client library that doesn't seem to be actively maintained. Here's an
> interesting discussion about asyncore vs twisted:
> http://apipes.blogspot.com/2005/05/unsung-heroes-of-python.html
Here's another one -  Multitask ( http://o2s.csail.mit.edu/o2s-wiki/multitask).

Requires python 2.5.

>From the introduction:
"multitask allows [WWW] Python programs to use [WWW] generators
(a.k.a. coroutines) to perform cooperative multitasking and
asynchronous I/O. Applications written using multitask consist of a
set of cooperating tasks that yield to a shared task manager whenever
they perform a (potentially) blocking operation, such as I/O on a
socket or getting data from a queue. The task manager temporarily
suspends the task (allowing other tasks to run in the meantime) and
then restarts it when the blocking operation is complete. Such an
approach is suitable for applications that would otherwise have to use
select() and/or multiple threads to achieve concurrency."

That kind of I/O blocking might not suit harvestman type application ?


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