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Ramdas S ramdas at developeriq.com
Fri Jan 4 15:54:42 CET 2008

My guess is that popularity impact has to be in terms of number of jobs
(commercial/freelance)  out there.

Books are fair indication of hype, but not necessarily the actual use of a

However what I feel is more important is the impact based on the strategies
rolled out by global leaders in technology.

Whatever said there is a huge momentum favouring Ruby, which is real and
number of vendors are heavily betting on Ruby as a language and Rails as a
platform. Though the number of developers knowing/writing  Python eclipses
number of Ruby/Rails developers many vendors feel that there will be more
enterprise developers writing code in Ruby very soon.

For example Code Gear( a Borland Company) has shipped a commercial IDE for
Ruby/Rails. I did meet their CEO in person when he was in Bangalore. He said
that they are looking at Python, but does not see Python as an opportunity
among serious developers who will cough up money for a professional IDE.

Similarly Sun Microsystems is planning to bet heavily on Ruby, with JRuby
and is infact expected to officially recommend JRuby powered Rails as an
alternate for Java to millions of developers when it comes to non enterprise
web development.

Sun is also expecting to roll out a strategy for Python (Jython) but that
might only roll out in end of 2008. However, official tag line is that their
strategy around Python( Jython) will not revolve around the web, but will
position Python for an alternate market. Folks whom I know at Sun, tells me
that they have done a research among their enterprise customers, and more of
these companies are siding Ruby, and in fact they fear that before their
developer base abandon Java for Ruby, they'd like to get Ruby on the Java

While it is good to celebrate such trivial trends in this thread, the stark
reality is that Ruby is stealing the thunder from Python, and it is a fact.

Please do not interpret it in any other sense, I am still a strong Python
loyalist and recommend the language any day over any other language, and
probabaly will remain the same for many more years to come.


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> 'Comments ratio' looks interesting,
> http://www.ohloh.net/languages?sort=comment_ratio (ohloh covers most
> active open source projects)
> The lack of abstractions in Java code is reflected by its huge 35%
> comment ratio! Python is way below in rank for obvious reasons. :-)
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