[BangPypers] SimCity released for Open Source (with Python integration)

Dorai Thodla dorai at thodla.com
Wed Jan 16 07:52:11 CET 2008

The "MicropolisCore" project includes the latest Micropolis (SimCity) source
code, cleaned up and recast into C++ classes, integrated into Python, using
the wonderful SWIG <http://www.swig.org/> interface generator tool. It also
includes a Cairo based TileEngine, and a cellular automata machine
CellEngine, which are independent but can be plugged together, so the tile
engine can display cellular automata cells as well as SimCity tiles, or any
other application's tiles.


Dorai Thodla (http://www.thodla.com)
US: 650-206-2688
India: 98408 89258
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