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Wed Mar 12 15:28:27 CET 2008

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Hi folks,

We are a products company. We build network appliances and network 
services for SMEs and Enterprises, more about us at www.xnapworks.com. 
We are looking for talented people who are passionate about programing 
specifically in Java, Python, or networking.  People who are passionate, 
get a kick going the extra mile to challenge themselves, are committed, 
enjoy taking responsibility are  invited to submit their resumes in the 
relevant email id.

We are looking for multiple kinds of skill sets

1) People with 6 months - 1.5 year experience in any software 
development methodology, preference given (Spring 2.0, Struts, HTML, 
JSP, Python). If the skills match they will be paid according to 
industry standards. A good understanding of Java and programing 
frameworks commensurate with experience is what we are looking for. 
Write to following email with respective subject line. Mails without 
proper subject lines are discarded.

xnapworks [at] gmail.com  with Subject: /JAVA March 2008 /
xnapworks [at] gmail.com  with Subject: /PYTHON March 2008/
xnapworks [at] gmail.com  with Subject: /HTMLJSP March 2008
(mails will be deleted if there is no subject line)
2) People with no experience but who are quick learners and who are 
passionate about working in Java, Python, HTML-JSP, Linux & Open source 
related technologies can apply.  To apply you must demonstrate a 
fundamental understanding of Java, Python, and Linux OS concepts. You 
must have written at least one program, not the college variety for your 
curriculum but something you did because of your interest to create 
something useful, maybe.

The people recruited in this stream will have to take up a project and 
prove themselves in two months. During this period they will be provided 
with a handsome stipend.

xnapworks [at] gmail.com with Subject: GRINDER March 2008

3) If you are interested in networking and can explain things like;
What is DNS and DDNS
How email works?
How is spam generated?
Debate about different kinds of anti spam techniques.
NAT & Proxy

xnapworks [at] gmail.com with Subject: NET_TECH March 2008

*What we have to offer*
A decent salary so your material needs get taken care of.
That out of the way, now for the psychological needs:
A comfortable office.
Adequate Infrastructure
Mostly Good Food
Unlimited Coffee / Tea / Green Tea
Great bunch of people to work with
A casual work environment that strives to balance hard work & play
Cutting edge challenges & projects that will test your skill and require 

In case if you have any queries, please write a mail to xnapworks [at] 
gmail.com with "QUERY" in subject line.

- XNAPWorks Team @ Astha Technologies


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