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      Its time for Google Summer of Code '08. Many of you are already
following it. But just a reminder and a friendly poke incase you
forgot all about it.

      Of course, KDE will be there like previous years.  Check [1] for
more details.

       As a student, all you need is some enthusiasm, willingness to
contribute to KDE and Free Software in general. Knowledge of C++ is
almost taken for granted in KDE GSoC. Knowledge of Qt/KDE/PyQt
framework and programming is a definite ( huge ) plus. If you are
already a contributing code to some KDE application, firstly you r0ck,
nextly you did yourself a huge favour and have HUGE PLUS-PLUS :). It
also works if you have been sending in patches regularly. So if you
are one of them, DO submit a proposal.

      There is a nice *idea* page on the KDE techbase page [2]. Feel
free to browse through that and find something that you like or you
might be able to pull off. *Strong recommendation* - Please be
creative and write your own project proposal. Nothing impresses
mentors more than your own enthusiasm to do something uber cool for
the project. It is million times better if you write your own project
proposal - may be even your own idea that is not there in the idea
page which you think might be a cool feature / addition to KDE -
instead of copying something from the idea page. Its a idea page after
all and not a proposal template page ;).  Please read [3] about
certain instructions of participations in KDE GSoC. I repeat, please
read [3] before applying. It is very detailed and will mostly answer a
lot of your questions and will help you frame your proposal in much
better way.

        Last  year KDE GSoC participation [4] [5] was really
wonderful. It got 40 projects sanctioned by Google which probably was
the largest allocation among all the participating projects. There
were 213 proposals submitted to Google and 40 were allocated. 3 of
those 40 students were Indians, you have ask them about their
experiences. I am very sure that they have good things to talk about
the same. Since I have met Piyush and Sharan many times in recent past
after the SoC '07, I know for sure that they ( and Anirrudh, the third
guy ) loved the whole experience and had a blast.

        Looking forward to your proposal.  Good luck.




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