[BangPypers] Scaling Django-Mysql

Pradeep Gowda pradeep at btbytes.com
Wed Nov 12 18:12:20 CET 2008

icontains is syntactic sugar for "WHERE xxx ILIKE" and  is  best used
for sting searches on a small subset.

For 50,000 records, IMO, you will have to investigate full text search.
Using Full text search in MySQL is a straight forward affair. You will
have to create a FULLTEXT index.


On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 11:26 AM, vivek durai <vivek at vivekdurai.com> wrote:
> Hi All:
> Just checking to see if anyone on this list has experience scaling a django
> app using mysql as the backend. I have many issues - eg. one involves
> constructing Qsets with icontain statements for a table with 50000 records.
> Any experience with this?
> Warm regards,
> Vivek
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