[BangPypers] GUI framework in Python...

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Wed Oct 1 00:31:50 CEST 2008

Vishal wrote:

> Sometime back, I came across the idea of bundling a basic webserver in a 
> python application and using a browser window as the GUI host. That's 
> probably one of the most universal kind of GUI framework 
> possible...though it might not have all that native GUI packages provide.
> If I want to do something like this, can someone guide if there are 
> already existing packages to that? 
> Here's what I will need, i think:
> a) Python executable
> b) Python scripts (which create the HTML files and implement the logic 
> of the application)
> c) CSS files
> d) Other things that make up contemporary web 2.0 frameworks 
> (templating, SQL related stuff)
> d) A basic webserver (does this need to be a Python one...I think its 
> better to have a simple one as a separate EXE)
> what else?

The Twisted framework would be able to these things, in a very lightweight 
manner.  And then use py2exe to bundle it into a single executable.  Twisted 
has their neat Nevow/STAN templating and very powerful AJAX/Athena 
client<->server callbacks.  Lots more lately - a database interface solution 
and a pluggable UI framework.  If you haven't visited their website lately, 
check it out.


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