[BangPypers] FW: how to relclaim memory

Sibtey Mehdi sibteym at infotechsw.com
Thu Oct 23 12:56:46 CEST 2008

Python process is consuming near about 500 MB and 400MB others processes.

One more problem I am facing is that if I pickle the heavy object, the
python process consumes more then 700 MB. These 200 MB memory should be
returned after the completion of the dumping but it doesn't return that's
why I m thinking that there are some memory leaks. 


I use the wmi to get the memory details.

Memory Details..................


        AvailableBytes = "75382784";

        AvailableKBytes = "73616";

        AvailableMBytes = "71";

        CacheBytes = "42872832";

        CacheBytesPeak = "296366080";

        CacheFaultsPersec = 0;

        CommitLimit = "2559868928";

        CommittedBytes = "1345224704";

        DemandZeroFaultsPersec = 58001;

        FreeSystemPageTableEntries = 191814;

        PageFaultsPersec = 63525;


task manager Snaps











On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 3:48 PM, Prashanth Ellina

<prashanthellina at gmail.com> wrote:

> Python 2.5 (unlike 2.4 and earlier versions) is expected to release memory

> back to the OS when objects are de-referenced. Considering that I would

> suspect that you are still holding references to python objects.


> Do you have an objects of user defined classed which define the __del__()

> method? If yes, this would lead to an issue with for GC when collecting

> circularly referenced objects.


Still, it is quite unnatural for a single Python process to claim 900 MB

of memory. Are you sure that the system memory usage is due to Python ?

Did you check the task manager for this ?


If you have cygwin installed, post the output of "top" command here.



> The gc module has some methods to help is figuring out what objects are

> still referenced. That would be a good starting point to track down memory

> issues.


> HTH,

> Prashanth


> On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 3:30 PM, Sibtey Mehdi <sibteym at infotechsw.com>

> wrote:


>> I am using

>>         Windows XP,

>>         pythn 2.5, wxpython 2.8, pygame 1.8.


>> Application over View:

>> In my application I am creating a dialog box that shows a treeView items

>> but

>> on closing of that dialog box I delete the objects that contains the tree

>> items. So I am trying to get that memory used by that tree items.


>> Thanks,

>> Sibtey



>> Sibtey Mehdi <sibteym at infotechsw.com> wrote:

>> > Hi

>> >

>> > My system is showing 900MB usage of memory, I have deleted some object

>> (del

>> > pythonObj) but the memory is not returned to os, I have also tried

>> > gc.collect() and del (gc.garbage) but  still the system is showing

>> > usage.


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