[BangPypers] Getting the know-how of UI effects using HTML etc..

Vishal vsapre80 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 13:39:09 CEST 2009

I have a question about HTML !!!

I know this is not pythonic question per se. But I guess many people in this
group would be doing web work. So thought of tapping into that resource

I am starting to learn about HTML/DHTML etc and wanted to know if you know
of some tutorials that talk about the different UI effects that can be
created in HTML.. This could be a very open question..and so here's an
example of an issue I am facing:

I am trying to create a web based INI file editor. I would like to create an
HTML file on the fly by parsing a given INI file (and this will be done in
Python...ofcourse). However, the HTML file should have <form> elements which
can be used to update the INI file contents. I want to enable the <form>
elements (textbox, submit button) only on a click to certain area...giving
it a look and feel something like Xemacs configuration UI.

I am stuck with coming up with this layout and also something that works
across IE5 to Google Chrome !!!

any help/pointers etc would be heavily appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,
Vishal Sapre

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