[BangPypers] Getting the know-how of UI effects using HTML etc..

Anurag Priyam anurag08priyam at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 14:00:38 CEST 2009

> I am starting to learn about HTML/DHTML etc and wanted to know if you know
> of some tutorials that talk about the different UI effects that can be
> created in HTML.. This could be a very open question..and so here's an
> example of an issue I am facing:
> >> I want to enable the <form> elements (textbox, submit button) only on a
> click to certain area...giving it a look and feel >>something like Xemacs
> configuration UI.

well, i don't think that plain HTML offers any such feature. Specific
customizability needs to be done using Javascipt. You may want to explore
jQuery(a javascript library), wherein you can associate an event with any
one or more elements of your choice.

> >>I am stuck with coming up with this layout and also something that works
> across IE5 to Google Chrome !!!

As of compatibility with all the browsers you need to use tags and features
that are supported by all these browsers. explore their documentation to
find out how much the browsers comply with the latest w3c standards. some of
the features are implemented in brosers like ie with different name, like
the way of changing the opacity of an image.

learning AJAX will also be of lot of help.

Anurag Priyam
1st Year,Mechanical Engineering,
IIT Kharagpur.
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