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Ramakrishna Reddy ramkrsna at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 13:08:27 CEST 2009

Hello everybody.

Since most of the folks here expressed an interest to hold  a face to
face meeting for planing pycon. I would like to propose a Python Day.
Sometime in late June/July, It might give people from outside
Bengaluru enough time to plan a travel for a weekend. So many people
from around India can participate and meet fellow pythonists. But the
main agenda is for all the interested stake holders of the Pycon India
Conference to plan for PyCon India. This is going to be a small event
, not as big as pycon india itself. We would need volunteers to give
some talks. Since most of this is a volunteer run event, we would need
someone to sponsor space, meeting room projector, stationeries

Possible venues in Bengaluru::
* Yahoo
* Thoughtworks
* Directi

* Pythonists in India gathering together.
* All the Interested stake holders for organising a PyCon India
* 4 - 5 talks on Python and related topics
* Sprints, If someone proposes a topic
* Hopefully a tutorial, if someone wants to do, or if students turn up
for this event.
* Probable  Dates ::
	o 27th June 2009, Saturday
	o 28th June 2009, Sunday
	o 4th July, Saturday
	o 5th July Sunday

P.S :: If you guys want a Python day in Pune, this can be done too .

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