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> Hello everybody.
> Since most of the folks here expressed an interest to hold  a face to
> face meeting for planing pycon. I would like to propose a Python Day.
> Sometime in late June/July, It might give people from outside
> Bengaluru enough time to plan a travel for a weekend. So many people
> from around India can participate and meet fellow pythonists. But the
> main agenda is for all the interested stake holders of the Pycon India
> Conference to plan for PyCon India. This is going to be a small event
> , not as big as pycon india itself. We would need volunteers to give
> some talks. Since most of this is a volunteer run event, we would need
> someone to sponsor space, meeting room projector, stationeries
> Possible venues in Bengaluru::
> * Yahoo
> * Thoughtworks
> * Directi
> * Pythonists in India gathering together.
> * All the Interested stake holders for organising a PyCon India
> * 4 - 5 talks on Python and related topics
> * Sprints, If someone proposes a topic
> * Hopefully a tutorial, if someone wants to do, or if students turn up
> for this event.
> * Probable  Dates ::
>        o 27th June 2009, Saturday
>        o 28th June 2009, Sunday
>        o 4th July, Saturday
>        o 5th July Sunday
> P.S :: If you guys want a Python day in Pune, this can be done too .

 +1 for the idea
+1 for pune as a venue.

If you guys are interested in holding this in Delhi then I can help
arranging that  but in August (after colleges reopen)


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