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On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 12:15 PM, Anand Chitipothu <anandology at gmail.com> wrote:

> What are we trying to achieve by running a mini pycon? If we are
> planning to see people traveling from other places, then why not do
> pycon directly?

We'll this is just a day , not even a mini conf, something bigger than
a bangpypers meet and small than a miniconf. We can have talks by
volunteers but one of the main goal is people meeting face to face to
discuss for PyCon India Itself. Interested folks will turn for this
event, since its a volunteer event. The Python day can be achieved as
we really do not have to worry about logistics, money management and
sponsors, except for a moderator and a venue where we can have to do
the actual discussion, which isnt a big issue, coz a person would need
to book the meeting room for the whole day, with the company, instead
of a few hours like a user group meet. if Pune is okey with you folks,
I can arrange for it. But Bangalore would be ideal as many folks stay

The travel is payed by the volunteer himself , this is just for the
guy who are coming from outstation. It will be interesting to see how
many people will turn up. Since most of the people I know who are
interested in this are in bangalore itself. It would leave guys like
Kenneth, Parthan, Kushal das,  bbghose, Vivek Khurana and me. Most of
the outstation folks in Bangpypers, or at least the guys who have
participated in the discussions I guess have a place to crash in
Bangalore. So if the date can be finalized, someone can get in touch
with companies that can host the event for a day on a weekend. I'll
try with my contacts in bangalore. I will book my tickets.

We do not really need CFP or something like that for a python day.
Lets discuss the topics which can interest people. Intermediate to
Expert level, this is just for python day. If newbies / students can
come to the event , that would be great. we can show them the manuals,
impromptu basic talks can be cooked up any time. The no. of people I
hope would be around 20 - 30. But once the talks are over or we
schedule time for the pycon india discussion itself, which might take
some time.  We can finalise on the roles of the individual for the
actual conference.

P.S :: Another Important topic is, if say a not for profit society
needs to be formed, (we might face the issue when the money flows in
with sponsors for the actual conference) we can get signatories at the
python day itself ;-) anyway this will be totally another thread and
is OT for this thread.

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