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Thu Apr 30 14:16:57 CEST 2009

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 2:53 PM, Ramdas S <ramdas at developeriq.com> wrote:

> Let me explain.
> Starting a society even not for profit has its own little legal tangles and
> will also cost some monies (less than 10 K). But most importantly you'll
> need to keep accounts, ensure that returns are filed, even if not much
> transaction happen etc etc
> See I dont see the costs scaling upwards of 1.1 L or so for a single day
> event, and we have about 5-6 different expenses, and it'll be better if the
> sponsors are alloted some expense or other. Saves us money management.
> This is possible if the plans are for one day event, but for a larger scale
> we may have to get some bigger sponsors. I am purely looking at Python
> focused companies chipping in, who can claim the expense as their opex.

Sponsors are the most important, since without sponsor interest you
don't have an event.

While we are talking away to glory, has anyone tried to measure the
pulse of the prospective sponsors to see whether we could get the
kind of money and support required for having a 3 day PyCon India
in September ?

Without that all this is just that, talk.

> R

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