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Ramdas S ramdas at developeriq.com
Thu Apr 30 18:19:43 CEST 2009

Always for anything its smart to start with a budget.

We know we can do a single day event for about 1 L plus, and yes, I know
sponsorship can be raised for the same. We had written commitments for
around the same kind of figure last time we planned a Python conference. A
Pycon branding should help us easily raise that number. So take it for
granted a one day event is possible.

For a 3 day event I think the costs will be 3 L + ( that is in our budget
style conference, not a hi-fi one), I am not sure how much of an effort will
be required though it's not impossible in anyways to raise that kind of

The point here, we need to be clear what we want to do. I am sorry to say,
the jingoism seen usually on IRC is never quite reflected on ground.

While a 3 day event is a great idea, I will suggest that we do a good 1 day
or even a 2 day event. Lofty aims are great, but not at the risk of falling
flat somewhere.

It'll be nice if we can have an idea how many people are going to turn up
for the event? It all depends on how we drive it, and I can assure you
without even a single Rupee investment, and with pure goodwill and simple
efforts from the user group members, you can reach 99% of all Python
aficionados   in the country and may be across the world.

I am still clueless, whether the event will attract 50,100,150,200, 250 or

I think a well marketed event(without spending any real money) can get you
as high as 250 pythonistas walking in. However we need to basically take a
few calls and announce early and do the needful. Again I can be mistaken.

However all this is possible if we can have at least 5 people meeting at a
common place, and discussing the issues, and taking some decisions, like the
date, the number of dates, venue etc.  And then get on with the content,
logistics and sponsorships. Everyone can do their bit by posting updates on
the event on their web sites/blogs and forums, and generally spreading the
message in each and every software company you can reach to.

Sponsorship interests will also vary on number of people coming in, quality
of people etc.

So please can we have a meeting, a ** real meeting** to discuss Pycon India?
While it's unfair to expect people outside Bangalore to make it to the
meeting,we can have a live IRC update of actual discussions of the meeting
so everyone can still have their say.

I think once the Pycon idea is freezed, and announced officially, and
various committes planned we can explore the smaller meeting/conference...

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 9:02 PM, Noufal Ibrahim <noufal at gmail.com> wrote:

> Unless we get a little more concrete about the PyCon-lite idea that
> Ramakrishnan suggested, I think we should move forward with the
> September idea. Otherwise, this will degenerate into total "talking
> away to glory".
> Some timelines and expense estimates would be a good start.
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> ~noufal
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