[BangPypers] Issues with multiple instances of mod_python websites on the same machine

L.Guruprasad lgp171188 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 11:28:31 CET 2009

Noufal Ibrahim wrote:
> I haven't deployed through mod_python myself but in your situation, wouldn't
> it make sense to have a local webserver per developer and only push the
> 'production' version to the mod_python+ apache combo?

We push only the 'production' version to the live server with
mod_python+apache combo. But we have a local testbed server running
apache with mod_python. We are using the same apache to serve the site
of all the developers' sites hosted in their respective home directories
and we encounter problems I mentioned above in such a scenario.

Of course, having a local webserver per dev will make a lot of sense,
but I thought that in my scenario, I can keep all the development on a
single testbed server and still have multiple devs working on their own
copies of the application. The webserver becomes centralized and working
from any other machine through SSH is easier than setting up a webserver
in every machine where the dev works. This approach may be flawed so I
am open to ideas and suggestions regarding this and also regarding how
to solve the problem.


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