[BangPypers] Request for py program to insert space between two characters and saved as text?

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Wed Dec 9 08:05:40 CET 2009

try attached file....
usage: space.py input_text_file.txt

it will print the result in terminal...
To get the result in a file you can redirect it to file
space.py input_text_file.txt > out_put_text_file.txt

2009/12/8 74yrs old <withblessings at gmail.com>

> For generating Kannada datafiles for tesseract-ocr .txt(not .doc) is used,
> my requirement is to automate one space between two characters in Notepad
> file.  In MSword there is provision to make space between two characters
> under "Font" and  can be saved as *.doc*  But when tried to save as* .txt*
> all formatting will disappear. I could not understand how to do in notepad.
> Even tried copy and paste from doc to notepad but failed.
> In this context, I request you kindly for small python program - to
> automate
> make or insert space between two Kannada characters in the text file. (I
> have installed FFedora-11 also ubuntu9.04, WinXP)
> example: *F o r  K a n n a d a  d a t a f i l e s  . t x t (n o t .d o c)
>  i
> s  u s e d,  m y  r e q u i r e m e n t   i s  t o  h a v e  o n e  s p a c
> e  b e t w e e n
>  t w o  c h a r a c t e r s  i n  t h e  t e x t.*
>  *ಕ ನ್ನ ಡ ವ ನ್ನು  ಕ ಲಿ ಯಿ ರೀ
> regards,
> -srianga(77yrsold)
> *
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